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Cutting Board Maintenance

Maintaining your new cutting board

Maintaining your cutting board is a simple process that will keep your cutting board/butcher block  sanitary, looking new, and extend the life of your board.

Cleaning your board

· Wash your cutting board with soap and warm water after every use. Scrub the board well, this will assist in removing any bacteria that could form on the board. Dry the cutting board immediately after washing.

· If your cutting board has stains or odors, you can use white vinegar or lemon juice. The acidity in the products will neutralize the organic material that is causing the problem. 

Applying oil to your cutting board

Use high quality cutting board oil or mineral oil/beeswax mixture. 3 parts mineral oil 1 part beeswax. We recommend oiling your cutting board every month. If your board is used and washed excessively then you can oil the board more frequently.

· Once your cutting board is thoroughly dry, apply the oil directly to the cutting board. Be generous with the amount of oil used. You cannot use to much oil, the cutting board will soak up all of the oil that is needed. Use a small towel and spread the oil so that it will cover the entire cutting board. Try not to soak up the oils with the towel, only spread the oil around the board.

· Allow the cutting board to soak a minimum of a few hours, overnight is preferred. 

· Once the allotted time has passed. Use a fresh rag and remove all of the excess oil that did not soak in. Your cutting board is now ready for use.

To prevent damage to your cutting board 

· Do not let the cutting board stay saturated for an extended period of time.

· Do not put your board in the dishwasher. The excessive heat and water will warp the board.

· Do not wash your board with bleach. This will stain the wood and excessively dry the wood causing it to warp.